Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yahoo! Widgets: More of the Best

In a previous post that has easily been the most popular I've written, I mentioned some of the Yahoo! Widgets I've been using regularly. With the advent of Yahoo! Widgets 4.0 (which I'll look at more closely later) I've decided to mention a few more of the widgets I use regularly:

TachClock: A slickly designed and deceptively simple clock that pops up unobtrusively on the hour and/or half hour. No numbers, just tick-marks for the hours, minute and second.

PowerX: Another simple but elegant widget that allows easy one-click access to log off, shutdown, and restart. I use it every time I reboot.

ClipDrop: A handy clipboard tool that saves and displays as many clipboard items as you want. Click a copied snippet from the list and it's ready to paste.

Yahoo! Maps: I prefer Yahoo! Maps over Google Maps these days and this widget makes looking up locations and directions a snap. I just wish it connected directly to the "Broadband" version of Yahoo! Maps by default.


Moist Rub said...

So, what you are saying is that the Internet age has made you too lazy to look at a clock, hit ctrl-alt-del and hit ctrl-c/ctrl-v?

We will soon be just a bunch of hovering heads.

Technogeekboy said...

The only clock in my cube is on my PC. Besides, the best part about the widget is the subtle hourly alert. Then I know how much of my day I've truly wasted so far.

It is actually easier to click a button instead of CRTL-ALT-Delete. For me anyway. But I hate keyboards. I'd type with my mouse if I could. It would leave my other hand free to drink more coffee.

Finally, the paste thing keeps a copy/paste history like Microsoft Office attempts to do. But this works across all apps. If you don't do a lot of copying and pasting I suppose this might be no big deal. Also, lucky you.