Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Best Yahoo! Widgets

I, like many, have grown to love widgets. I was just starting to use Konfabulator when Yahoo! bought them and I was glad to see Yahoo! did nothing to ruin them. I tend to visit the Yahoo! Widget Gallery a few times a week to see if there's anything new and useful, but I find the interface for finding Widgets a little annoying. Like I wish they had an advanced search that let you filter based on user ratings. That would save me a lot of time sifting through a lot of sub-par widgets. However, I recently found a site called "The Most Downloaded Konfabulator Widgets" by Jon Aquino, which lists all the widgets by popularity and helps hunt down the cream of the crop. Why won't Yahoo! do this?

Anyway, I will likely spend some time hunting down more to add to my cadre. For now, here's what I use now:
Most of Yahoo!'s own widgets are very well done and really take advantage of having a Yahoo! Account. It's also nice to see companies like Acura and creating more than just ads for themselves, but actual useful tools. That's good branding.


Jonathan said...

TGB - I'm delighted that you find it useful in your search for good widgets!

niebes said...

Hello! Could you try to put the font type a little bit smaller? It's too big i can´t read! *sigh