Thursday, April 19, 2007

PopURLs Let's You Have It Yor Way

Since I was on the subject of "article tools" a few weeks back I thought I'd mention a similar concept alive and well at news aggregator, The site lets you basically take over and transform it however you want. The menu bar (shown on the right) lets you easily:
  • Switch to a black background
  • Switch to popflow (a one column format)
  • Switch to big text
  • Switch to Buzzmania (more news items)
  • Turn off story previews
  • Turn off video/audio feeds
  • Open links in the same window
  • Customize feed arrangement
  • Open scrapbook

I am impressed anytime a Web site's designers let you mess with their work to suit your needs and it would be nice if more did. Thanks to CSS and AJAX these kind of user-focused controls are easier to build and thanks to the Time Person of the year (you) there are more sites taking it seriously.

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