Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

There are some great apps for Windows Mobile out there, although you wouldn't know it these days and a lot of them are free. Here's a list of some of the great free apps I've downloaded to my AT&T Tilt. Note: Check out for a huge library of free WM apps.
  • AgileNotes: Great note-taking app.
  • Google Maps: The best mobile mapping app. If you have GPS on your phone it's even better.
  • Klaxon: I simple and effective alarm app.
  • MyTravlr: Surprisingly robust travel companion with weather, international clocks, and more.
  • Opera: The second best mobile browser.
  • Skyfire: The best mobile browser. Includes great social networking features.
  • Viigo: A very full-featured RSS/Podcast client. Amazing it's free.
  • PockeTwit: A full featured, polished Twitter client.

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