Friday, October 12, 2007

Top 5 Random Generators at

Top 5 Random Generators at
  1. The Willy Name Generator

    We didn't realize how much people want a name for their penis or the penis of a friend, but we're glad they do. The Willy Name Generator is the ahead of the pack by a large margin.

  2. The Froo Froo Menu Generator

    People have come out in droves to build their own fancy restaurant menus full of ridiculous dishes. We're just hoping no one actually tries to cook any of them.

  3. The Horoscope Generator

    The least "random" of our random generators seems to be a hit. Unlike most of our other stuff, the Horoscope Generator relies more on the wit of our contributors than the random yoking together of language.

  4. The Death Metal Band Namer

    A suggestion from one of our users that seems to have hit a high, shrieking note with everyone. Rock on.

  5. The TV Show Pitch Generator

    Our first success story continues to churn out bizarre TV show ideas by the thousands.

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