Monday, January 17, 2005

USB Flash Drive Roundup

USB 2.0 Flash Drive Roundup: I ran across this great article about USB Flash drives (you can never own enough) and thought I'd share. It's from the good people at Ars Technica.

USB Flash Drives are quickly becoming the data transfer media of choice for business people. Especially in e-mail environments that reject large attached files. While my company allows pretty much any size attachment to be e-mailed internally (and I'm not complaining), I've worked in offices that limited attachments to 3 Meg. Tough when you're trying to share a graphic-heavy presentation or video file.

I also keep a 128 Meg SanDisk drive loaded with PC troubleshooting software (Spybot, RegCleaner, Avast's free antivirus tool, etc.) This "toolkit on a drive" is indispensable when friends call me to drop by and troubleshoot their PC.

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